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An interactive community for the youth to share life experiences,
gain access to product information, and help with purchase decisions.
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Why do you need Liklist?

  • Discover Good Products

    Decide what to buy. Save time and money by reading other users’ reviews.

  • Exchange Experience

    Learn from others’ personal experiences and expertise. See the world from different aspects

  • Discover Interesting Places

    Decide where to go over Thanksgiving break or the next weekend.

  • Learn New Things

    Get inspirations from the gurus and learn from others’ experience to improve life quality.

How can Liklist help you?

Liklist has many unique features that will make your life easier

  • Customization

    Get recommendations from people of similar interests

  • Diversity

    Read a diverse batch of reviews to have an authentic view

  • Multi-Media

    Use images, audios, and text to show the product

  • Interactivity

    Enables likes and comments for communication

  • Inclusiveness

    Easy methods for posting makes everyone a creator

Liklist can help you

with these problems!

Liklist can help you with these problems!

  • What’s the best local restaurant for a First date?
  • What’s the best thriller everyone should watch?
  • What’s the best way to keep my hair curly?
  • What are the most popular mobile games lately?
  • Where should I go for my birthday?
  • What should I read in my summer break?